My Cup Size is Stanley*

While I have blogged about my beloved Vegas Golden Knights on my other site, I figured it was time to express my extreme happiness that these amazing guys are GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS in their inaugural season on this site because, after all, it’s Vegas-based. And they’re not just playing in the pinnacle series but they have home ice advantage. It blows my mind—and I’m sure everyone else’s to boot.

While the team may be a Cinderella story of sorts, remember, these guys have had careers with other teams. We really only have a couple of youngsters, namely the wunderkinds Shea Theodore and Alex Tuch. Some of our players have been champions with their past teams—a la Marc-Andre Fleury who, already, is a three-time Stanley Cup winner.

It is also important to remember that these players were, essentially, throwaways from their former teams: guys who were deemed expendable for whatever reason but who have blossomed before our very eyes. Take William Karlsson, for example. In his prior two seasons with the Columbus Blue Jackets, he recorded 15 goals: nine in 2015-16 and six in 2016-2017. This season, in Vegas, he scored a whopping 43 times, making him third overall in goals scored behind Washington’s Alex Ovechkin (49) and Winnipeg’s Patrik Laine (44), both of whose teams, incidentally, we defeated in the playoffs. Just sayin’. Karlsson also led the league in plus/minus (49) and shooting percentage (23.4%). And he’s not the only one with career stats, just a great example.

We here in Vegas are proud of all of our Knights and their amazing coaches. They have unified a city beyond belief, especially following the horrific shooting on 1 October. At the Knights’ home opener, the team paid homage to the first responders and held a 58-second moment of silence for the victims. Not a dry eye was to be found. Go out into the city and you’ll see Golden Knights decals on nearly every vehicle; neon signs with “Go Knights Go” and “Vegas Born” everywhere; Golden Knights’ flags and other decor on fire trucks and police cars; and even a VGK jersey on the New York, New York’s Statue of Liberty.

photo taken by Natalie Faulk 04/24/2018

I have the requisite vehicle decal, as well as a license plate frame, floor mats, and a puck gear shift. If they win the Cup, then a tattoo might be in order.

Go Knights Go!

* I saw this on a t-shirt and had to borrow it.

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” ~ Wayne Gretzky

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