The tonal equivalent of goodwill,
Scattered haphazardly amongst the trees.
A blooming narcissus named daffodil,
Captured Wordsworth’s eye “dancing in the breeze.”*

Genus helianthus, or sunflower,
Alongside aromatic marigold.
Charming blossoms sunlight does empower,
Developing skyward blissfully bold.

The vintage kerchief, today’s bandana,
Adjusted around the neck so neatly.
A tasty, nutritious, ripe banana,
Exemplifies this color completely.

Vocal hue of the singing canary,
Promoting ambiance light and airy.

*William Wordsworth (1802).” I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.”

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

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