Is it October Yet?

Well, the season is officially over (*insert sad face here*).

After an incredible inaugural season, the Vegas Golden Knights fell to the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup Finals, 4-1. After an auspicious start to the series, the Knights ended up being seriously outplayed in all aspects of the game over the remainder of the games.

While Golden Knights fans everywhere are lamenting the loss, especially after having believed that our ragtag Cinderella team could accomplish anything—even a Cup in One—we are also realists who knew deep down that such a feat wouldn’t occur easily. Even though the Knights set numerous records throughout the season and have, essentially, become the greatest expansion team in the history of professional sports, a little part of us all truly believed that, just maybe, they would win it all.

So now what, now that hockey season is officially over? Granted, we have only a few short months until the roller coaster begins again, but, still. Yes, baseball season is in full swing (pun intended) and football is just around the corner; however, they aren’t hockey.

Fox5 News tweeted this wonderful snippet of our entire season.

Many fans took to Twitter to express a range of emotions from sadness that the season is over to heartfelt gratitude to our hopes for the future.

Even our beloved players had many positive things to say.

There is certainly no doubt that the story of our Golden Knights will be a long one. This is just the end of the first chapter in an undoubtedly epic tome.

Good Knight everyone. See you next season!

“True champions aren’t always the ones that win, but those with the most guts.” ~ Mia Hamm


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