Movie Time

I have become addicted to popcorn as of late and oftentimes frequent the local popcorn shop (shout out to Popcorn Girl) with its myriad flavors, colors,  and other popcorn-related accoutrements.

I used to be a chips and salsa kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, I still love that (and nachos are still my all-time favorite food, but being lactose intolerant sure puts a damper on that unless I find/use vegan or artificial liquid cheese), but when working (which is when I typically snack) it can get a bit messy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spilled salsa on my keyboard and have had to replace it. The keyboard, not the salsa.

Popcorn is far less messy. And just as tasty.

I’m not a huge fan of the candy flavors, however. I’m not sure if its the overly artificial colors or the diabetes-inducing sweetness. I prefer the savory and cheese flavors. I am also quite partial to salted caramel which is fabulous when mixed with a cheese flavor (called “Chicago” I learned recently.) When I do crave something sweet, the movie theatre kettle hits the spot and provides just the right amount of sweetness.

Of course, though, there is nothing like movie theatre popcorn. While Popcorn Girl does, in fact, have a movie theatre flavor that’s pretty tasty, nothing compares to sitting in a cinema with a big ole tub of popcorn drenched in “butter” with a pile of 87 used napkins in my lap because of the mess. Oh, and for the record, never ever ever rub your eye whilst eating movie popcorn. Just trust me on this one.

I remember back when I lived in San Diego, we would go to a local renovated cinema and the concession folks would ask us whether we wanted our popcorn lubed or unlubed. This actually puts things in perspective, unfortunately.

“The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves.” ~ W. C. Fields

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