Being a self-employed writer/blogger and social media manager requires me to constantly be on the lookout for new clients. Ergo, I have recently started asking absolutely everyone I meet whether they need my literary services. (Well, I did stop asking the panhandlers on busy intersections if they were thinking of creating a GoFundMe page or website to improve their donations.)

At times, I am pleasantly surprised by someone saying that s/he was, in fact, just thinking about starting/improving a website, adding a blog, or expanding into social media. Case in point, my mother and stepfather are selling their home and I nonchalantly asked the photographer if he might need a blog for his website. As fate/luck/good fortune would have it, he wants to redo his website and broaden his horizons into Facebook and Instagram. Thus, if I wasn’t such a socially adept introvert who gives the impression of being quite the extrovert but really isn’t, I might have let this moment slip by.

Granted, what I do is, indeed, a difficult living and quite unsteady, but as “they” say (whoever the hell “they” are), adversity and challenges build character. And I am quite the character. I should have my own damn Disney show.

By the way, if you, dear readers, know anyone looking for writing/blogging/social media services, please feel free to direct them to either of my websites. I would be most appreciative.

“I’m not naturally an extrovert. I’m a writer – I sit in a room by myself making things up. That is where I’m happiest.” ~ Paula Hawkins

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