I love horses. Always have. They are powerful yet gentle and seem to radiate peace and tranquility. This is probably why horses are oftentimes used as therapy animals for traumatized children and youth. If you give a horse your full trust, you will get its in return. Truly, they are remarkable creatures.

I oftentimes drive to Bonnie Springs Ranch at dusk. It’s not too far from where I live, and lately I have been stumbling across the wild burros that roam the area. They tend to congregate near the horse stables. While some will stop and “pose” for photos, they aren’t usually too friendly, especially when one has nothing to feed them. But, since there’s a $500 fine for feeding wild horses and burros (and I’m a broke writer) I just take pictures, usually from afar.

I went this evening because I needed a mind-clearing break. No donkeys, but the horses that are always in the stable area were unusually quite close to the fence. I ventured over to take some photos and was able to get up close and personal with a few of them. They received nose rubs and loving pats while I was covered in flies and snorted upon.

Nevertheless, those that were brave enough to check out my camera were, indeed, very sweet.

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“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.” ~ Alice Walker

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