A storyteller, macabre and ghastly,
Myriad literature penned vastly.

Two stanzas twelve, “A Dream within A Dream,”
Exploring how things are not what they seem.

Poor Roderick was mentally unfit,
His mind and the house of Usher did split.

A cask of Amontillado to ruse,
Montresor’s revenge, Fortunato’s blues.

Do not forget the pendulum and pit,
To torture, the prisoner did submit.

Narrator’s murder was quite indiscreet,
Beneath the floorboards the heart still did beat.

Poe’s final poem was “Annabel Lee,”
A tragic romance he could never flee.

Succumbed to his death in old Baltimore,
Both he and his raven quoth, “Nevermore.”

“Certain of Poe’s tales possess an almost absolute perfection of artistic form which makes them veritable beacon-lights in the province of the short story.” ~ H. P. Lovecraft

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