I’ve been far too consumed with my photographs and poetry to even think about a blog post (and let’s not even discuss my other blog which I have, essentially, abandoned almost entirely.) While this may be short, at least it’s something different for you, my dear readers, to peruse.

I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed photography. I was never really into it, even back in high school with my Pentax K1000 fully manual 35mm camera (which, incidentally, I only recently sold.) I probably didn’t use it much because there were too many bells and whistles and I am not particularly known for my patience.

Fast-forward an undisclosed number of years to now. I was taking oodles of pictures with my Samsung Galaxy 8 (which, by the way, has a tremendous camera) and thought it would be fun to try “real” photography. As a starving and self-employed writer, I didn’t have much to spend, but I found a nice little used Canon PowerShot SX130IS with 12.1 megapixels and a 12x zoom on eBay that was quite inexpensive and a seller who accepted my paltry offer.

Since I purchased my new best friend, I have taken more than 2,000 photos; many of which I have shared here.

While I love this camera, the problem is that now—like any “good” American—I want a better camera. Bigger. Better. More. I’ve been looking at DSLR models that have different lenses, more features, and possibly even a neck strap so I can look all touristy, but, alas, that must wait.

For now.

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