This was written in response to a writing prompt that said the world is divided into two types of people. Who are they?

Haves and have-nots,
Champions and losers.
Heroes and noughts,
Abstainers and boozers.

Humorless and funny,
Diminutive and tall.
Melancholy and sunny,
Exciting and banal.

Inelegant and classy,
Brain-dead and astute.
Well-digesting and gassy,
Obtuse and acute.

Homely and attractive,
Putrid and fragrant.
Lively and inactive,
Restrained and flagrant.

Perceptive and moronic,
Bestowers and takers.
Religious and demonic,
Authentics and fakers.

Barbaric and civilized,
Preeminent and untitled.
Haphazard and organized,
Disenfranchised and entitled.

Slender and rotund,
Silent and loud.
Accepted and shunned,
Humble and proud.

Female and male,
Son and daughter.
Vibrant and pale,
Fire and water.

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ~ Roger Miller


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