Aye, Bonnie Lass

Bonnie Springs Ranch is nestled at the base of the gorgeous Spring Mountains—located in Red Rock National Conservation Area about ten miles west of west Las Vegas/Summerlin area. It is an old western-themed “town” with attractions such as a petting zoo, wax museum, mini-train, duck pond, restaurant/bar, riding stables, daily “gunfights,” and other cool “stuff” including a themed motel. (Check out this piece I wrote last year.) During Halloween, the town transforms into Bonnie Screams (as these photos were taken in October, you can see a bit of the seasonal decorations.)

The ranch is also supposed to be haunted; however, I haven’t yet ventured into the depths of the premises as I spend most of my time when I go there with the horses of my earlier photo posts. However, many a paranormal expert have come to investigate.

Here’s a brief glimpse into this unique little gem.


“It’s like the Wild West, the Internet. There are no rules.” ~ Steven Wright

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