Selective activism
Dwindling altruism
Burgeoning communism
Shameless cronyism
Prevalent cynicism
Embattled dogmatism
Uncontrolled egotism
Unscrupulous elitism
Reckless extremism
Overused euphemism
Evolving fascism
Resulting fatalism
Outrageous hedonism
Overlooked heroism
Prevaricating journalism
Misguided liberalism
Rampant narcissism
Meaningless nativism
Unbridled nihilism
Wanton ostracism
Intensifying patriotism
Risky pessimism
Suppressed populism
Blatant racism
Deepening skepticism
Deceitful sophism
Worrisome symbolism
Pernicious terrorism

“Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.” ~ Sallust

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