Where’s my Xanax?

Wow, the Golden Knights sure put us fans on an emotional roller coaster, don’t they? From last season’s constant highs (save for the Stanley Cup finals) to this season’s morose start, we fans have sure experienced the high of highs and the low of lows.

It’s nice to see them get back on track and regain the scoring prowess they demonstrated last season. The return of Nate Schmidt from his bogus 20-game suspension has definitely helped the team’s success and morale, especially with Kevin Haula’s and Paul Stasny’s long-term injuries. And the addition of Max Pacioretty, Nick Holden, and Daniel Carr have been both pleasant and positive.

Speaking of Pacioretty, a recent illness that caused him to sit out the last game versus the Washington Capitals, thankfully, seemed to have minimal ramifications. Word on the street is that he may lace up for the game against the Chicago Blackhawks tonight.

Speaking of the Capitals, how awesome was it to see a late goal by Schmidt—and his subsequent empty netter in the final minute—to secure the win against an arrogant and quite dirty team? After the vicious hits Tom Wilson levied on a few of our players (including Ryan Reaves who gave Wilson a taste of his own medicine) and the perpetual cockiness of Alex Ovechkin, this was a much-needed and quite emotional win. (On a side note, don’t you think Ovechkin looks a bit like Gerard Butler without teeth?)

Let’s just hope the Knights continue their (mostly) winning ways and climb their way back to the top of the division (and conference) where they belong.

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