1. many years ago, my friend and i planned to hike and camp in the grand canyon. we were to hike and stay at phantom ranch. we planned to stay a couple of days in the area. we ddnt know the camp ground was very small and had limited spots and they had to be reserved well in advance. we spent the day hiking down to the phantom ranch area only to find we could not stay, anywhere!! we hiked back to the south rim trail and found a small rock hut occupied by a few other people who also wanted to do some hiking and camping in the canyon. you were not supposed to camp in this structure but we all spent the night. early the next morning, my friend and i had to hike back out and up the trail to the rim. our packs were still pretty full only having been gone that day. it took us all day and it was a very very hard slow hike back up the trail with our full packs. when we finally reached the rim, we were totally exhausted and spent. we tried to get a room but could not. we spent another terrible night “camping” in the parking lot (again something you were not to do). it was a long drive back to los angels. one of the worse trips i have had. i have been back to the grand canyon several times and love it.

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