Lying in bed,
Forlorn and cold,
Wishing you here,
For me to hold.

To keep me close,
And protect me from harms,
Falling asleep,
Wrapped in your arms.

Your breath on my neck,
The sound of your heart,
Precious memories,
While we are apart,

Remembering those days,
With you so near,
My fierce protector,
I had nothing to fear.

Picnics and stars,
Whilst planning our morrow,
Eyes reading letters,
Overflowing with sorrow.

With you by my side,
I could conquer it all,
Alone in this world,
I feel terribly small.

You’re so far away now,
The world’s cruel scheme,
So all I can do,
Close my eyes and dream.

“When you lose a person you love so much, surviving the loss is difficult.” ~ Cristiano Ronaldo


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