Ode to the Handsome Guy by the Window

My heart be still, you sumptuous stranger,
Worry ye not, I don’t pose a danger.
Pay no regard to my protracted gaze,
Continue reading your book of essays.
Your glasses hiding your sagacious smarts,
I suspect you’ve fractured so many hearts.
I wish to admire, from afar, your bod,
So perfectly chiseled like a Greek god.
Desiring to run my hands through your hair,
But I’m over here, and you’re over there.

Longing to stare in your eyes oh-so-blue,
While dancing together, a pas de deux.
In close proximity, breathing your scent,
Knowing, for certain, you are heaven sent.
As we bask in each other’s primal heat,
Until, at last, our lips finally meet.
Sadly, I know that I haven’t a chance,
As you never, once, did shoot me a glance.
So I’ll continue my train ride alone,
To each other, we will remain unknown.

“Trains, like time and tide, stop for no one.” ~ Jules Verne

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