Do computers dream when they go to sleep?
During inactivity are they tired?
While the OS runs a lengthy upkeep,
Anticipating a reboot required.

Welcoming a break for poor motherboard,
Resuming activity having snoozed.
So much of the Internet unexplored,
Eager, once again, to be overused.

Most web pursuits are pure repetition,
Myriad hours absent cessation.
Blue screen of death, its only sedition,
A hiatus of perfect salvation.

Always overworked and under-rested,
Ever providing info requested.

“To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer.” ~ Paul R. Ehrlich




  1. are they self aware?
    AI may reach that time.
    in the movie “2010” HAL is given a most important mission where he will most likely cease to function (die). HAL asks if he will dream, and is told “yes”
    a most interesting post

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