“I got to speak French to a dog today,” said nobody ever.

Well, until today.

I was shopping at Vons and happened to pull my cart in line behind a woman and a beautiful and huge German Shepherd. I asked if I could pet this majestic animal, and she said that the dog was off-duty so yes. I noticed the collar said police dog. Apparently this super nice woman who was covered in dog hair trained dogs for police work and other functions. This gorgeous canine happened to be a bomb sniffer (which made me happy that I washed the ammonium nitrate off my hands before embarking on my errand.)

Seriously, though, that was a joke. No need to call DHS.

Anyway, I heard the woman tell the dog to “asseoir.” Being that I wasted, er spent four years learning French in school whilst living in the southwest U.S. where it is virtually useless, I recognized this French word for “sit.” So I asked the woman if she uses German commands like most K-9 handlers use with their German Shepherds.

No, she said, this dog was from France, so she kept her native language. So, of course, I had to practice my French because when do I have that opportunity in Las Vegas outside of poker rooms?

“Bonne chienne,” I said. “Vous etes une jolie chienne.” (Good girl, you’re a pretty dog.)

The woman told me she is training another dog from the Netherlands to whom she has to speak Dutch. I wonder if the two dogs have communication issues. Regardless, I learned something interesting today. And got to parlez Francais avec une chienne.

“I looked up my family tree and found three dogs using it.” ~ Rodney Dangerfield

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