They’re Heeeeeeere…

Another stop on my weekend road trip was Rachel, Nevada. This cute little town in the middle of nowhere is smack dab in the middle of the Extraterrestrial Highway (State Route 375) that runs between Alamo and Warm Springs. Allegedly, it is a hotbed of alien activity and UFO sightings, and, as you can see, the town definitely plays up its reputation.

A dirt road is nearby that goes to the back gate of Area 51; however, I neither wanted to subject my car to rough road nor did I want to be arrested by men in camo for stopping to take pictures. Also, the infamous black mailbox is no longer.

Of particular interest is that while on the ET Highway, my iPod and phone charger died, and my phone didn’t work at all. Later on that day, everything decided to work just fine.


“I don’t like alien films where you don’t get to see the aliens.” ~ Peter Berg


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