Here’s a lovely little poem I wrote a few years ago that was originally published in Mischief and Nonsense: A Poetic Journey through an Eclectic Landscape.SELRES_a20013e0-f7ac-4e99-8dc5-c8da69c78335SELRES_88d8c501-a6de-4c98-8fd3-5483e98a5295SELRES_c524cf35-f9e0-49f8-8796-2d403068f7aaSELRES_c524cf35-f9e0-49f8-8796-2d403068f7aaSELRES_88d8c501-a6de-4c98-8fd3-5483e98a5295SELRES_a20013e0-f7ac-4e99-8dc5-c8da69c78335

Rock. Paper.
Rock. Paper. Scissors.
More rocks.
1, 2, 3…
Futile to count.
Rocks as far as the eye can see.
And then some.
Rocks for miles.
And miles and miles.
Trees erupt here and there, seemingly out of place.
And shrubberies, for Monty Python fans.
Oh, and concrete.
Acres of concrete.
Rocks, lonely trees, assorted shrubberies, and concrete.
Welcome to Las Vegas.
Hotter than hell.
Although that is pure speculation.
Rock. Paper. Scissors.
Lizard. Spock.[1]
The lizard would be happy.

“If you don’t have a pool in Las Vegas, you have to put your children in the icebox.” ~Sirio Maccioni

[1]  The Big Bang Theory. “The Lizard-Spock Expansion.” (2008). C. Lorre & B. Prater, creat. CBS.

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